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Old protrait


Hey Skip,

I have a photo that might bring back some memories. This is one of two I took of you and your puppies many years ago.

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Thank you for the photo. That photo is on the corner at my first location...circa 1980. Two great dogs, Barret who wandered into my yard as a stray pup and decided to stay and Crunch, my German Shepherd who was with me for 16+ years, and was the best protector I ever had. I had an old friend who on a drunken spree grabbed me and pushed me against a wall, Crunch immediately clamped his jaw around the guys leg. The guy was terrified. When Crunch let go the guy sat down and we looked at his leg for bite marks, but none existed. Crunch never broke his skin. To this day I am amazed that dog knew how to do that without ripping his flesh. Thank you for the post, peace & dignity, Marshall


Love the photo man - - - those dogs were boss !