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Full Cyrkle Records!


Post your comment about yourself, your experiences at the store, the music you enjoy or questions you might have about Full Cyrkle. If you have a photo of the store, your vinyl collection or yourself you’d like to post, please do. I have no face book or other social media account and I do not give out my phone number, I’m a bit eccentric by today’s standards, but that doesn’t mean I don’t look forward to hearing from many of my old customers and friends.


I used to zoom by your store in 2002 on my way to work but never had time to stop. I mentioned your store to a friend of mine who immediately laid out THE LAW, i.e. what to expect at Full Cyrkle and how to conduct business there. I followed his instructions to the letter and became a dedicated customer, first at the store and then online. I never regretted a single penny spent there, ever.


If you are still in business and open I am interested in buying and selling.

Email contacts I find are not active.

Thank you,

Bruce Illig

Hillshire Recording Studio

847 946 0083